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Why Performance Underwear?

July 23, 2018

Why Performance Underwear?

Too often we see everyday active people out and about in outfits that they have spent hundreds of dollars on to get that extra level of comfort and performance feeling, but they overlook a key item in what they choose for underwear.

Having the latest moisture-wicking running t/shirt in lime green, combined with your standard black compression tights, socks specifically designed for left and right feet and finished off with your $200 runners to help your mild pronation probably means that you have probably spent over $400 on your outfit. Wearing cotton based underwear that you bought in a 3 pack on sale under this lot seems illogical, and you are right it is.

The concept of performance underwear is certainly not that new, but you will be surprised about how many people only think about the visible products we wear, and the unseen garments tend to be the poor cousins of the clothing food chain. Underwear and socks tend to be the overlooked items when it comes to how we dress, which is rather strange, because if you think about discomfort, just think back to those undies that you threw out because they "rode" where no underwear should ride, or those socks you set on fire because they just wouldn't stay upright on your legs.

Performance Underwear is underwear made from fabrics that compliment and enhance an active "on the go" lifestyle and are constructed in such a way as to provide comfort whilst wearing. As your "base" layer there are a number of key elements you should consider when selecting your underwear.

1. Breathable: the fabric that allows for airflow from the surface of the skin to your next layer of material such at your trousers, shorts, skirt or dress.

2. Quick Drying: yes as confronting as it is, we all sweat and none of us can stay dry " down there" all the time, especially when we are being active. It is human nature, so make sure you select underwear that will not retain or trap moisture and will dry rapidly. One of the key contributors to uncomfortable chafing is due to underwear that retains moisture.

3. Two way stretch: fabric that stretches  vertically and horizontally on the body means that your underwear will respond to whatever activity you are doing. Be it a spin class, your yoga session, a game of golf or just getting in the Uber, you want underwear that will adapt as your body shape adjusts through movement.

4. Ultrachlorine resistant: chlorine will naturally erode the fibres of fabric which weakens the fabric over time. Having a fabric that is resistant to chlorine will ensure that you can swim often without concern that your underwear will be compromised.

5. Pilling resistant: pilling is a surface defect in textiles caused by wear. When fabric pills it weakens and roughens which means that it can be abrasive against the skin, so look for underwear that is made from pilling resistant fabric.

6. Flat lock stitching: where seams of the fabric are butted up against each other, so there is no seam and then stitched together as a single layer. This form of garment construction is important as it eliminates uncomfortable seams that you can feel on your underwear and can be a potential source of chaffing.

7. Bonded seams: where seams are heat or glue bonded together for ultimate comfort. Bonded seams will give optimum stretch and recovery over sewn seams, and garments made from bonded seams will be lighter than garments that have sewn seams. Look for this in your next pair of underwear, the comfort difference is remarkable.

So, next time you think about your outfit start with your underwear, making the right choices with your underwear can be the difference between a memorable event, activity or day or something that you want to end in a hurry.



Size Guide

Here's a size guide to help you select your correct size. If you feel that you are in between sizes, we recommend selecting the smaller size, our two way stretch fabric will still give you a comfortable fit.


Women's Size Guide.  

Numerical Size 4-6 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-16 16-18



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Men's Size Guide

What's the difference between The Kona and The Milford? 5cm in the leg length. So if you prefer them a little longer, go The Kona. If you prefer a shorter leg length, get MOVEing with The Milford.

Waist Size cm 72-77 77-82 82-87 87-92 92-97 97-102 102-107 107-112
Waist Size inches 28-30 30-32 32-34 34-36 36-38 38-40 40-42 42-44

Kids Size Guide

For kids sizing we have tested and bench marked our product against average sized kids. We do not have kids specific sizing, rather we have re-engineered our smaller adult sizes to suit kids. Whilst not an exact science given the different growth rates of kids, but we find that 2XS adult sized product is suited to children in the 9-11 year age group, and XS adult sized product is suited for children in the 12-13 year age group.